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The amount that we agree to pay at the formal offer stage is the amount you will receive. These costs include the RICS surveyor fees, solicitor fees and any other associated costs.

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The market value for your home is always determined by an independent RICS surveyor. We believe we are one of the fairest and most ethical house buyers around.

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  • We will provide a competitive Cash Offer Quote and also offer our Assisted Sale Purchase. With the Assisted Sale you will receive your upfront payment on Day 1 of the contract commencing, this is typically up to 10-15% of the purchase price. With the remainder of the contractual balance paid on completion, this amount is guaranteed and will be set in stone from the outset. Essentially it's a joint venture with an exchange and a delayed completion.

    If you are happy with your quote we will then arrange to visit your property and inspect your house in as quick as 48 hours. After this, if you decide to say "yes, buy my house" we will endeavor to complete the purchase in a far quicker time than if you were to sell to a traditional house buyer.

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“Direct House Buyer helped me to sell my house fast and achieve a great price”

— G. Turtle West Hampstead, London

“Thank you Direct House Buyer for making the whole process so simple”

— R. Clark Taunton, Somerset
  • Do You Need all Cash within Two weeks? If not then our Assisted Sale Purchase can make you an upfront payment from the equity in your house on Day 1 and the balancing payment settled on final resale.

    Different to many of our competitors who may just be able to offer a straight cash sale we also have a variety of other options available. For example, our market leading Assisted Sale is a popular choice and allows us a bit more time to achieve a great price for your home, often the price we can pay is around 10% more than the highest cash offers available.

    • Essentially it’s an exchange with a delayed completion The amount we agree to buy your house for is set in stone and we can exchange quickly – In as fast as 7 days.

    • You receive an upfront payment of the agreed purchase price on Day 1 – This is a payment from the equity in your home.

    • We take over the responsibility of the property on exchange – You have to move out.

    • Completion is guaranteed and further supported by our cash fund.

    • You typically receive 10% more than the highest cash offer quotes available.

    There are other favourable options available, so please take the time to contact our purchasing team today. We usually offer both a quick cash sale quote and an Assisted Sale quote. If you don’t need all the cash in a particularly fast time i.e within a couple of weeks and you have up to 3 months available until you need to fully complete then our Assisted Sale offer allows you to achieve both a guaranteed sale and an amount that's closer to the market value of your home.

    At Direct House Buyer we wish to provide our sellers with a offer that’s as near to the 100% market value as possible. For that reason it’s important to take care with any price reductions you make so that you don’t unwittingly affect the true value of your home. It’s difficult to imagine that your house value could be affected through your own actions but it can.

    Usually by the time our customers contact us their properties have been on the market for longer than they initially anticipated and quite often they would have already reduced their asking price. This is usually through the suggestion from their estate agent who realistically has little power to attract new buyers. They ultimately want to sell your home and don’t always have the sellers best interests at heart. If you express to your agent that you wish to sell your house quickly and in turn they suggest that you reduce your asking price they probably won’t caution you that this will in effect lower the market value of your house.

    In practice it’s a surveyors job to determine the market value for your home and even if the surveyor truly believes that your house is worth more than what you are asking, unfortunately they can’t value your house at a higher price than what is advertised and in their opinion it’s current price is the market value. At the same time even if you take the house off the market or put the price back up it’s the surveyors job to check Rightmove Plus which shows a historical database of listed prices and once again they won’t value your home any higher than the lowest price it was recently advertised at. The same applies to a mortgage lender, they wouldn’t wish to pay more for a house now than if they could have bought at cheaper price and limited their exposure a few weeks back, they would establish the previous listed price as the current market value particularly if it didn’t sell at that lower price. Here at Direct House Buyer we want to give you as high a offer as possible so that you will be happy to sell to us and happy with the price you achieve. All our offers are based upon your homes current market value so please contact us first.

    The quickest form of transaction without having to wait for a normal buyer to complete is via a straight cash sale, you can sell your house fast in a hassle free way and at a timescale that suits your situation, usually within two to three weeks. Similar to other industry leaders our cash offer will not be as close to the market value as some of our other options that are available. Typically, cash offers are usually around the same mark throughout the industry, however we will always endeavour to provide a better quote than others can even for our cash offer deal. If you don’t necessarily need to complete within a couple of weeks and have more time on your hands then we have other options available such as an assisted sale which has a pre-agreed price, exchange and then a slightly delayed completion (typically 3 months) which will result in you receiving a higher price that's closer to the market value of your property.

    How Fast are Houses Selling on The Open Market

    The Rightmove House Price Index is the most common resource used for reporting the average UK house price for a given month. The recent report for July shows that house prices have once again risen for the sixth month in a row, establishing another all time high. The average house price now stands at £369,968 and shows a monthly increase of £1345, that's a monthly increase of 0.4%. The full report can be seen here for July's figures.

    The figures for July show a similar monthly increase to what was seen In June. Even though it is widely reported that we are facing a cost of living crisis and interest rates are regularly on the increase this hasn't stopped the amount of people that wish to buy a house. The demand from house buyers is still 26% higher than before the pandemic in 2019. It is, however, mentioned that this figure is7% lower than the "frenzied market" that we saq last year. The gap between buyers and sellers is tightening. There are now 13% more sellers coming onto the market than the same time last year but the amount of buyers is still outweighing the amount of property for sale.

    Unfortunately, times are tough for new first time house buyers as it is reported that the cost of a mortgage is now 20% higher than it was at the beginning of the year. Since this figure was announced the situation has gotten even tougher for borrowers and The Bank of England increased interest rates to 1.75% in the beginning of August. On the same day The Bank of England also warned of a recession that will start in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will last all the way through to 2024, it will be interesting to see what effect the threat of recession may have on house prices in the forthcoming months.

    A summary of the fastest moving regions through to the slowest for figures produced in July can be seen in the table below, it shows the average amount of days it takes to sell a house. Once again at the top of the table Scotland is still the fastest place to sell a house, taking just 20 days which is the amount of time that it took during June. The South West remains the second fastest region to achieve a sale, taking 28 days which is just a day slower than last month. London remains the slowest region, taking 46 days to sell a house, which is only a day faster than last month.

    1. Scotland – 20 Days
    2. South West – 28 Days
    3. West Midlands – 30 Days
    4. North West – 30 Days
    5. East Midlands – 31 Days
    6. East of England – 32 Days
    7. Yorks & Humber – 32 Days
    8. North East – 33 Days
    9. South East – 33 Days
    10. Wales – 32 Days
    11. London – 46 Days

    UK Monthly Change in The Time it Takes to Find a House Buyer

    The below list shows the monthly change in the amount of days it takes for a seller to find a buyer who has agreed to buy their house. The figures produced by Rightmove show the difference in time for properties that have been advertised "For Sale" and then changing to "STC" (subject to completion). The most recent figure shows that it took an average 32 days to sell a house in the UK during June, this is exactly the same amount of time that it took in the previous month.

    1. January 2022 – 44 Days
    2. February 2022 – 36 Days
    3. March 2022 – 33 Days
    4. April 2022 – 31 Days
    5. May 2022 – 32 Days
    6. June 2022 – 32 Days
    7. July 2021 – 36 Days
    8. August 2021 – 37 Days
    9. September 2021 – 37 Days
    10. October 2021 – 36 Days
    11. November 2021 – 38 Days
    12. December 2021 – 39 Days

    The Fastest Moving Areas News Stories

    The property market and house prices is updated monthly by Which. Nowadays, there is less focus regarding the impact of coronavirus and more focus on the cost of living crisis and rising interest rates. it's predicted that house price growth will slow for the rest of 2022. The UK House Price Index is a the most accurate source of information as it is based on sold prices recorded at the land registry, it shows that the average house price was £283,496 during May and there has been a yearly price increase of 12.8%.

    Interest rates have been raised to 1.75% which is a further increase of 0.5%. Last year interest rates were at a historic low of 0.1% making the cost of mortgages incredibly cheap. Now, the interest rate increase will affect affordability for all property owners with a mortgage. New house buyers won't be able to borrow as much, existing home owners with a variable interest rate mortgage will see an immediate effect and those on fixed rates will see their mortgage roll over to a higher interest rate when the current term ends.

    The Office of National Statistics have recently updated their figures in July, these figures are based on recorded house sale prices so they are always a couple of months behind what the current national house price is. The report is an interesting read with statistics divided up across different regions of The UK.

    A House Price Correction could be on the horizon as the copst of living squeeze will start to take it's toll. This is largely due to the ever increasing rise in interest rates whereby mortgages will become more expensive and house buyers won't be able to borrow as much. This combination of more expensive mortgages, increasing energy bills and inflation at the tills is causing an affordability crisis for the property market and it is widely expected that house prices will fall, analysts believe house prices could fall 10%.

    Should you buy a house now or wait is a pressing question that is addressed in this large report from The Times. House prices have been rising at a faster rate than ever with 6 consecutive record breaking months, people are wondering when the bubble is going to pop. It has been announced that a recession is round the corner and it is interesting to assess what a recession will do to house prices. If homeowners are forced to sell their home fast because they are affected by the recession then this could add more property supply to the market and even out the imbalance between buyers and sellers. The BBC article says that "What a recession could do is tackle the main driver of rising house prices which is lack of supply".

    Many people wonder the what term We Buy any House actually means. This term is used throughout the property buying industry but does come with some terms and conditions. Of course all companies could make some sort of offer on any property as essentially everything has a price so in being able to make offers on each and every enquiry is entirely possible. However, some companies endeavour to buy any home more than others. Various reasons that are usually associated to the property itself could stop an offer being made, such as:

    -Structural issues that could cost more than what’s feasible to repair, essentially writing off a property. We come across property’s everyday that need remedial work and that’s’ fine. For example if your home requires further damp proofing before a surveyors inspection this is something that we can factor into the deal. But if the property requires major structural work that costs more than the amount that you will receive after paying any mortgage off, then unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to help in this example. Here are some examples of what to look out for in a survey report

    -The property is unmortgageable and this could be for a variety of different reasons Your home may have a short lease that can’t be renewed or the property may need renovation works to pass a surveyors inspection.

    The Location – At Direct House Buyer we can buy houses all across the UK whether it’s a busy city location or of the most rural of properties. Certain restrictions apply to what type of deals we can offer in Scotland and unfortunately we can’t purchase homes in Northern Ireland.

    We get many enquiries from Landlords who are looking to sell some of their portfolio for a variety of different reasons, Often landlords ask if they can sell a tenanted property and the answer is Yes. We are able to buy properties that are tenanted but the terms of the tenancy must be fair and at the market rate. If you are a Landlord who is wishing to free up some cash or even just tired of your landlord duties and finally wish to sell up, then please contact one of our advisors today to discuss your specific requirements.

    At Direct House Buyer you sell your property directly to us. Our head office uses it’s own cash fund to help facilitate straight cash sales, Assisted Sale and delayed completions. No need to wait for a buyer to walk though your door, you dictate the time that you want to sell and the price you will eventually receive is set in stone, before any transaction begins. The amount that you receive on completion is also free from any fee’s and associated costs as these are covered by ourselves.

    When speaking to one of our advisors, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your property and based on this and comparable prices in your area our specialist will be able to give you a preliminary price (which is subject to inspection) on the initial phone call conversation.

    Once you have considered our offer to buy your house and are happy with the price, timescale and terms, we will then further inspect your property. At Direct House Buyer we cover all fee’s and costs so at our expense and still of no commitment to yourselves we will instruct the following to further examine your property:

    1) Two Independent estate agents who will have local knowledge and will be local to your area

    2) A Independent RICS Surveyor will be Instructed to visit your property

    3) A Solicitor will be instructed that you can choose from our own panel. Or if you wish to instruct your own solicitor then we can contribute towards the fees.

    4) We will meet the pre agreed exchange and completion dates. You can even choose to exchange first and delay completion to a timescale that best suits your situation.

    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS As mentioned all market valuations are approved by an independent RICS Surveyor leaving you rest assured that our offer is based on the fair market value for your home.

    Guide to selling your house A step by step guide to selling your home, It includes handy information regarding stamp duty, estate agents etc

    Government advice on selling your home during Coronavirus has changed and you are now required to stay at home and avoid contact with others for 5 days. The property market is now fully open and sellers are only restricted on allowing viewings if they are present in the home at the time. Alternatively, an estate agent could show prospective house buyers around.

    Breaking out of a housing chain helpful information regarding being stuck in a chain, we receive many enquiries from sellers looking for a solution to this problem.

    Selling your house yourself a more common trend these days for homeowners to take the process of selling their home into their own hands, here’s a guide full of the pro’s and con’s of doing it yourself and what to look out for.

    Helpful advice to help you sell your house faster, certain tips in here are a easy fix to help improve the value of your home.

    Money Saving Expert provides a very handy guide which includes tips of how to sell your house quickly and comparisons between online agents, high street estate agents and selling privately. The option of selling to an online house buyer hasn’t been compared but information with that comparison can be found here

    Information about The New 2021 Help to Buy Scheme

    The new Help to Buy equity loan has become open for applications as of December 16th. The Scheme is due to run from 2021 through to 2023 and is designed to allow first time buyers to get onto the property ladder with a deposit of just 5%. The way it works - The government will provide a loan of up to 20% of the property value and the home buyer will make up the remaining 5% required i.e. for a mortgage that would have usually required a 25% deposit. The equity loan will be interest free for the first 5 years and then an interest of 1.75% per month will apply after. Interestingly this loan has also been further tweaked to help londoners who will be able to borrow up to 40% of the property value for effectively 0 interest for the first 5 years, meaning in theory they could benefit from a large portion of their house price growth without having to pay for it.

    Help to Buy Eligibility Criteria Applies and is Summarised Below

    1. Both you and your partner must be first time buyers
    2. You must buy a new build house from a developer who is approved and registered with the help to buy scheme
    3. The house must be your primary residence i.e. You can't buy as a property investment and let it out to tenants

    There are Price Caps for Each Region, seen below:

    1. North East – £186,100
    2. North West – £224,400
    3. Yorks and Humber – £228,100
    4. East Midlands – £261,900
    5. West Midlands – £255,600
    6. East of England – £407,400
    7. South East – £437,600
    8. South West – £349,000
    9. London – £600,000

    Get in touch with us today and a member of our experienced purchasing team will be able to provide you with a variety of different offers that can be tailored to suit your needs. Our offers will vary according to a few different variables:

    Your property location – Off course you can’t physically change the location of your house and if you feel that it’s the location of your property that may be making it difficult to sell then that may not be a problem for us. Our team of house buyers are experienced in purchasing property throughout the UK and we will always endeavour to make a fair offer even for the most rural locations. Our we buy any house service means that we endeavor to buy any house throughout England, Scotland and Wales. We are able to consider problem properties that for various reasons can't be sold through an ordinary house sale e.g. your property may require structural works before it can become mortgage-able again and therefore requires a cash buyer. If your in a sticky situation that needs specialist attention then it's worth speaking to our specialist to see how we can help.

    What’s your Timescale – When speaking to us one of our first questions will be how quickly do you need to sell. If you require a particularly fast sale then we will endeavour to offer a quick cash purchase using our own cash fund and complete in the timescale that you require. However, if you do have a bit more spare time on your hands then we will be able to make you a more competitive offer that’s closer to the full market value of your home.

    If you wish to sell your house fast for near market value then please ask one of our advisors about the Assisted Sale product. Most of our competitors solely offer a straight cash sale which can often be very fast in terms of timescale but may also not be so favourable in terms of the agreed sale price. Therefore, if you do have a bit more time on your hands and are able to give us a few months to fully complete the sale then we will be able buy your house fast for an amount that’s far closer to the market value. Essentially our Assisted Sale product is an exchange with a delayed completion, we will also provide you with an initial cash sum that will allow you to move on, in return you will give us a few months to fully complete the sale of your property and after this timeframe you will receive the full pre-agreed remaining balance.

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