We Buy Any House in any Condition

We Buy Any House In The UK

Selling your house can be an incredibly exciting time but it can also be an overwhelming burden to find the right buyer who can purchase at the right price. There are countless different motivations as to why people need or want to sell their property. Whatever the reason might be for selling your house, if you need to sell it quickly or it has been on the market for a while and you haven’t had any potential buyers then Direct House Buyer can help. We can buy any house regardless of condition or situation.

We Buy Any House in the United Kingdom

That’s right, we can buy any house in the United Kingdom, including Wales and Scotland, whatever your situation Direct House Buyer should be able to make you an offer. At Direct House Buyer we provide our clients with more than 6 different options for selling your house because we know that every situation is unique. Popular options include a straight cash sale directly, or we can use an experienced investor to purchase your home. Another popular route is our assisted sale option which will provide you with an offer closer to the market value than cash offers, it usually takes a few months to complete but you will also receive an initial payment at the exchange, which should help you to move on quickly to your next property, if required.

We understand that selling your property is a big decision and that you want to get the true value of your home when it comes to finding a buyer. If you have a property for sale in Scotland, Wales, or England and traditional methods simply aren’t working because it takes too long, offers are too low, or the market is too stagnant then we can buy your house and relieve you from the stress of selling. When compared to similar online house buyers we believe we can make you the best offer available for your property’s location and condition.

Help to Buy your House During Difficult Times

With the cost of living crisis due to increasing bills and inflation at the shops and ever increasing interest rates, being a property owner is becoming ever more difficult. Mortgage costs are rising for both new house buyers and existing home owners who are on a variable rate mortgage and also for those whose mortgage term has expired. The Bank of England have increasingly increased interest rates from 0.1% in December 2021 to now 5.25%, it seems positive that the trend of consecutively raising interest rates has come to an end and the base rate has remained the same for the past couple of months. In the most recent Monetary Policy Report it is reported how inflation has fallen from it’s peak of 11% during 2022 to 6.7% as last recorded during September 2023. The Government say they are not complacent and still intend for inflation to fall to 2%. Whatever your reason for needing to sell we can offer a no obligation quote which could help you to sell your house faster than through an estate agent. This can be particularly beneficial if your are facing tough circumstances such as a possible repossession.

Tackling Inflation

What Does “We Buy any House” Actually Mean

The property market has evolved over recent years and many house buying companies have been enabling sellers to achieve the price that they want within a timescale that they require. Companies who say “we buy any house” are able to give sellers a quick alternative to the traditional methods of selling through the use of cash funds or creative methods such as a assisted sale (discussed below). Bottom line, they are able to speed up the selling process and provide a definitive level of service that estate agents can’t provide. Different to estate agents, house buying companies don’t act as a middleman, instead they are the end user and are therefore able to give definitive timescales and a fast sale if required. There is also less chance of a sale falling through because the seller gets to communicate directly with the buyer and doesn’t have to wait for their prospective buyer to sell their house first as there is simply no chain. We have found that most people who require a company who can buy any house, do so because they have given their home more time than was initially anticipated on the open market and have come to the realisation that a traditional estate agent will not be able to achieve a sale through their methods of advertising, The differences are listed below:

Different to an Estate Agent House Buying Companies Usually Offer:

  • A straight cash sale using our own cash funds or private equity
  • Creative methods such as an assisted sale (See Below)
  • The ability to communicate directly with the house buyer
  • A sale to a direct pool of investors
  • Covering all fees and costs (These are included in the purchase price)
  • The ability to buy any house within the United Kingdom including Scotland and Wales
  • Carrying out renovations that may be required so that a surveyor can approve the property and approve a buyers mortgage.
  • A fast sale with little hassle.
house selling options microscope

We Can Buy any House Regardless of it’s Condition

Speaking of condition, if you are worried that you can’t sell your house because it needs to be renovated or repaired in order for it to be sold then Direct House Buyer can help. We understand that houses aren’t built to last forever, they need frequent updating but sometimes people don’t have the luxury of time or money to update or renovate their house.

Survey Problems when Selling Your House

There are a number of different problems that may arise when a structural survey is carried out, These include.

One of the biggest concerns that home owner doesn’t want to appear in a structural survey is subsidence. This can often be the most costly problem and your property may show signs of structural movement if you see any particularly large cracks, depending on the severity and cause it may need addressing and your property will need underpinning.

Woodworm more commonly affects older properties which may have timber beams or a Timber Frame, If the Surveyor spots the presence of Woodworm it will need to be treated. Often you may see holes from an old infestation the Woodworm are long gone and that’s usually not a problem.

Window Frames and other frame work can also be affected by dry rot and if this exists they will need to be replaced in affected areas as it’s effectively mould that won’t go away once it’s set in.

You’ll probably notice the surveyor probing the lower parts of your wall with a damp meter. Depending on it’s severity the presence of damp will need to be rectified before the mortgage is fully approved. Often the application can continue to proceed in good faith that the damp will be fixed before exchange.

It’s almost common knowledge that if a property has Japanese Knotweed it needs to be removed and that’s certainly the opinion of the surveyor. The roots are known to cause structural issues to the foundations of your property.

Property’s of a certain age may have an old wiring system and therefore will need a rewire to pass a surveyors inspection.

Nowadays would only be found in older properties as it was used as insulation until it was banned in 1999. The microscopic fibres are proven to be a serious health risk so it must be removed.

The Government now require all homes that are being sold to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate. Certain Criteria needs to be met which includes the thickness of your insulation. The Surveyor will also check for any areas that need further insulating.

Any broken drain pipes or obvious drain blockages will be assessed by the surveyor. Also, any issues with water logged land will also be looked into. These issues will either need to be fixed or left if they don’t directly affect the integrity of the building.

Any Issues with the roof could lead to water leaks or even worse a serious danger of the roof collapsing. The surveyor will assess your roof from the ground or closer if they have access and may advise to replace broken tiles, flat roof felt or a thatched roof. Sections may need to be repaired or the worst-case scenario the entire roof.

If you require further information about House Surveys this Helpful Guide provides more information on the different types of surveys, the length of time they take and also the costs, but don’t worry about that because if we agree to buy your home we cover all fees and costs and of course that includes the surveyors report.

Zoopla also provide further information about the options you may consider if you receive a bad survey report, that can be seen here.

How Can We Help

Direct House Buyer will be able to buy your house even if it needs renovating to meet the demands of a surveyors inspection, we will endeavour to repair issues that would have otherwise failed a surveyors inspection. Other than to determine the value of your home it is also the surveyors duty to assess the structural integrity of you home on the behalf of any mortgage lender. Issues ranging from Damp to Subsidence are issues that would fail a surveyors inspection unless they are rectified.

If you believe your home may have an issue that could cause concern to a surveyor then please let us know and we will be able to take a closer look and see if it’s something that we can rectify and factor into the deal. Another benefit is that this will all be done before an independent RICS surveyor inspects your home and provide a valuation. It’s often the case that the remedial work carried out to repair your home will also enable you to also achieve a higher market valuation from the surveyor.

Sell your House for up to 100% of the Market Value

We can also buy any house using our favourable assisted sale product. An assisted sale is a alternative selling option that’s perfect for those who are happy to receive a large immediate cash sum and are prepared to wait (approximately a few months) for the remainder of the pre-agreed sale price. With this method we agree the total purchase price for your home and pay you an initial portion right from the start, this is usually around a third of the sale price. Essentially it is an exchange with a delayed completion and at the time of exchange we will take over all the running costs and responsibilities for your home.

When selling your house this way you essentially give us more time to achieve the highest market value possible, we do this by placing your house on the open market with a traditional estate and attract a normal house buyer who is prepared to pay the full market value. We typically aim to complete within a few months and then you will receive the remainder of the pre-agreed sale price. If we can’t sell your house as quickly as initially anticipated then we don’t wish to inconvenience you further and we will ultimately purchase your home using our own cash funds and still keep to our pre-agreed purchase price.

If you do have more time on your hands and just need a certain amount of cash to move on with your life, possibly just the deposit required to buy your new house then this is a perfect half and half method that will allow you to achieve a far higher offer than a straight cash sale.

Benefits Include:

  •  Releasing upfront cash before your property is actually sold.
  •  Still being able to sell to a normal house buyer (Achieving a closer to market value sale price)
  •  Escaping being stuck in a chain
  •  Receiving the pre-agreed sale price even if we cant sell via a traditional estate agent
  •  We cover all fees and costs
  •  We actually exchange contracts meaning that we are legally bound to complete the purchase of your home.

Even if your house is in complete disrepair or in the most remote location in the UK, we recommend that you speak to one of our advisers who can appraise your property over the phone and make you a preliminary offer subject to inspection.