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At Direct House Buyers we’re in the business of buying and selling homes quick. We have an established and trusted network of investors who are ready to buy your home as soon as you are ready to sell it. We have the ability to purchase your home through our own cash fund or through our network of investors who can help you to get the best possible price for your house. Our investors at Direct House Buyers are not interested in buying your property at a significantly discounted price, which you often find from our competitors, and this means that you get the highest price possible for your property. If we decide to buy your house, we will have an offer and mortgage application drawn up within 24 hours, which, means you, can sell your house fast for its market value with Direct House Buyers.

Buy My Home Fast

If you live in England, Scotland, or Wales and you are asking who can buy my house then contact Direct House Buyers before trying traditional real estate methods. We have a variety of offers available for our client, which means we find something that suits your requirements. One of our most popular options is when we buy the majority of your house but a portion is left under your name with the land registry as a ‘property investment’ and when the property prices increase you will make more money. Of course if you are interested in a straight cash sale then we can offer you our full cash offer.

It’s important to note that although we buy your house fast, regardless of location in the UK, not all offers are available in every location. When you contact Direct House Buyers one of our experts will present you with the best possible quote available in your area. We are confident that they are better than our competitors.

Will You Buy my Home if It Needs to be Renovated?

At Direct House Buyers we aren’t discouraged from buying a house simply because it needs some work If your house needs some renovation rather it’s an updated bathroom, new paint in the kitchen, or the roof needs some fixing, we will still be able to make an offer. We will spend up to £5000 renovating a house if it is required. Even if your property needs fixing up, contact Direct House Buyers, there is a great possibility that we will be able to make the offer that your looking for.

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