Sell My House Quickly

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Regardless of curb appeal or how well you have staged your home, it’s important to price your house appropriately and know the realistic value of your property. For the past few years, the UK’s house prices have been steadily increasing, making it a sellers market. Certain aspects that you should consider when pricing your house include: how much did you pay for the house and how long ago? How much have you invested in renovations? What is the current market condition in your region?

Tips to Help Sell your House Quickly

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Other factors that you must consider to help sell your house quickly are: curb appeal, improving the kitchen and bathrooms and even lighting could be slightly costly but other measures which won’t cost a penny such as doing minor repairs and general cleanliness should definitely be carried out. Remember, the first impression that your house gives potential buyers is the most important.

Selling your House the Traditional Way

There are a few options that you have when you wish to sell your house quickly. You may opt for a different estate agent. You could invite 2-3 brokers to your house and ask them “what will you do to sell my house in 30 days?” Ideally you will want to find one that is a marketing magician, well connected and committed. You could also choose to have more than one agent so that they can combine their skill-set. Although this method has its merits, it has not proven to be tremendously effective because the majority of potential house buyers today exclusively search the internet like Rightmove to find a listing that suits their requirements.

Your estate agent may suggest to advertise your property at a lower price. However, lowering the price of your property can be dangerous game where the buyer and estate agent win but you lose. It’s important that you do a proper evaluation of your house and the price before you lower it. Examine comparable homes in the area including their price and how long it took for them to sell. Your agent might tell you that your price is unrealistic and you should simply ask why they aren’t doing more to sell your house. If they aren’t having open houses frequently, launching marketing campaigns, posting lots of pictures online and virtual tours then perhaps your agent isn’t doing enough.

Areas with the Fastest Moving Property Market

Information from the monthly House Price Index produced by Rightmove doesn’t just show average the house price across the UK but you can also see how long it takes to sell your house on the open market. Currently Property in Scotland is selling the fastest taking an average of 55 days to sell. On the other end of the scale properties in The North East are taking the longest amount of time typically taking 89 days on average. More detailed information that will include where your property is located can be found within the fastest moving areas table on our home page.

Selling your Home Quickly with a Online House Buyer

With a online house buyer you can sell your house in as little as 7 days with a straight cash sale.  If you are serious about selling your home fast then please visit our homepage and you will find more information about the process of contacting a online house buyer. Quick sale buying companies first need to determine the value of your home. They will contact an independent RICS surveyor and will then extend an offer based on this valuation. Therefore, regardless of the price of your house, the online house buyer will offer you a price that is fair based on what the RICS surveyor has found some companies like direct house buyer even have creative solutions that allow you to achieve both a fast home sale and 100% market value.