Tired Landlord


After years of the responsibility of being a landlord, it can be time to sell your property(s) and release your investments from the property and use the cash to retire, move, or invest in a new venture.

If you have tenants already living in the property, that’s absolutely not a problem. At Direct House Buyers we actively search for properties that already have tenants.

Are you a Landlord who needs to sell a Tenanted Property? 

If you have tenants living in your property, that is even better for us. With each property purchase that we make, we will rent the property out to tenants and that is why we actively seek tenanted properties. However, the property’s rental price must be at lease that of the average rent price for your local market. If you have a friend living in your property for your ‘mates rate’ he will have to pay up or unfortunately, move out. So, if you have a tenanted property and want to sell the property, simply contact Direct House Buyers for a fair quote.

Do you Want to Sell your Entire Portfolio?

We can purchase all of your rental properties at once. We don’t use traditional real estate methods for selling property but rather we have a network of investors and institutions that are in the market to invest in real estate. We privately contact our investors so that we can find you the best offer on your complete portfolio within 24 hours.

Do you Want to Receive full Market Value? 

We understand that you have been investing in your rental properties and you don’t want to take a loss on your property. There is an inherent risk when you sell your house at an auction that you might lose 25-40% of your property value, and our competitors generally offer a quote that at a substantial discount of the market value. At Direct House Buyer we have a variety of options and offers for you so that you can choose the offer that best fits your requirements and you don’t have to sell your house at a discounted price. If you want to sell your investment properties fast then call us and speak to one of our experienced advisors. They will inform you on all of the available established selling methods so that you can make an informed decision on which method to use to sell your investment properties fast and there is even a way to achieve full market value for the sale of your property.

Are you a Landlord who Wishes to Sell Investment Property? 

With Direct House Buyers you have a range of options for selling your tenanted property. You can choose to have a straight cash sale, or you can even decide to accept cash for a majority of your property but keep a portion of the equity under your name fully insured with the land registry so that you receive 100% of your property’s value. At Direct House Buyers we pride ourselves on being an ethical and fair company.  Our buying methods are proven to eliminate selling your property at the bottom of the house market so that you don’t lose value on your investment property.

If you have a tired landlord who is ready to give up the keys and sell your single property or portfolio then we’d love to hear from you. Don’t worry if you have tenants already living there, we are one of the few companies that actually prefer buying investment property’s with tenants already there.


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