Sell your Inherited House

When you inherit a property you also inherit responsibilities. There are several options for you as the owner of an inherited house, you can choose to keep the property and make it your primary residence or quite often families choose to rent out the property. For a lot of people the best option is to sell the house, pay off any existing mortgage and distribute the remaining funds among family members.

We can help you to sell your Inherited Property

Selling a inherited house isn’t always easy, particularly in an unpredictable property market. It can be challenging and exhausting keeping the inherited property clean and also being prepared for buyers to come for walk-throughs and negotiating with buyers and estate agents. Direct House Buyer offers you an option to avoid the hassle of traditional house-selling methods. We will be able to buy your inherited hose for our own portfolio or through one of our investors.

Will you buy a Inherited House that needs Renovating

We understand that inherited homes often need updating and renovations not only to become attractive to buyers but more importantly so that they can become mortgageable.  Regardless of the homes condition we will endeavour to make you an offer for that’s higher than what our competitors can offer and still allows you to sell your house fast. We even have an option where we can invest in renovating the property, we will buy the majority of the house and remaining equity remains yours as a passive property investment. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think that the inherited property is too rundown for resale. We will gladly purchase your house without delay and we will offer an honest and fair price.

Your chance to sell your inherited house without hassle

We specialise in buying inherited houses quickly. With a traditional estate agent you will have to deal with countless viewings and appointments and it’s often a frustrating wait. With Direct House Buyer we can agree to buy your house within 48 hours and we will endeavour to complete at a timescale that suits you. We also cover all of the fees associated with selling your inherited property.