Sell House Due to Ill Health

We never know what life has in store for us and we can’t be certain of the ups and downs. Unfortunately, one of the inherent downs that life throws in our way is illness and we have to tackle it head on. At Direct Home Buyers we understand that facing illness is extremely difficult both emotionally and financially and we recognise that our clients might need to sell their house for extra finances or to relieve themselves of the burden. We can help you sell your house fast, effective, ethically, and hassle free.

Need to Sell Quickly Due to Ill health?

At Direct Home Buyers we have a team of professionals who are experienced with helping individuals who need to sell their house urgently for a variety of circumstances. If you have become suddenly ill, or perhaps you have just outgrown your house because you have trouble climbing stairs or it’s too big to pay for and take care of then we can help. Of course you can always sell your house through traditional real estate methods but the real estate is market unpredictable and you never know how long it will take to sell your house. If you don’t have the convenience of time because you need cash or perhaps you already have your dream bungalow waiting for you arrival, then Direct House Buyer has a great alternative to traditional real estate methods.

If you have come down with a chronic illness then the last thing you want to worry about the status real estate market and dealing with estate agents. Selling your home quick because of illness does not have to be a hassle and doesn’t have to cost you time or money. At Direct House Buyers we can purchase your house so that you can move on with your life and focus on your health. You will receive the true value of your house and retain a portion of the equity as an investment rather than losing the equity (like with our competitors). This is why using Direct House Buyer can be one of the most ethical and cost effective ways to sell your house fast. Best of all, we cover all of the fees and costs.

Need to Downsize to a Bungalow and Cover other Costs

We find that many home sellers who contact us wish to downsize to a bungalow due to certain mobility issues and general health circumstances. There are also other costs that you made need financial help with such as the cost of medication, doctor visits, transportation, etc. can add up quickly.  Once you have sold your home you can free up your financial obligations and have extra cash to invest in your health. 

We Have Methods to Achieve the Market Value for your Home

With every property purchase made by Direct House Buyers we understand that our clients need a quick sale but they don’t want to take a huge loss on their property simply because of their unfortunate circumstances. We have developed a method that eliminates the risk that you face on the open real estate market through real estate agents. Within 24 hours we can provide you with an offer and agree to buy your house. You can choose the time frame that best suits your needs for the completion of the purchase.

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