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With the current economic uncertainty it’s surprising that the property market is doing so well. Rightmove and other sources have recently reported that prices are achieving all time highs and transactions are completing quicker than ever before. The Stamp Duty Break offered by Rishi Sunak and other government measures has certainly had a positive effect for the property market and this has now come to an end.

The fastest moving regions through to the slowest for figures recorded during March can be seen on our homepage, to summarise: The time it takes to sell a house is currently slowest in London where it takes an average of 57 days. On the other end of the scale you can currently achieve the quickest sale in Scotland where it takes an average of 25 days to sell a house. It should be considered though, that Scotland has a different conveyancing system to England and Wales. On average in The UK it currently takes 36 days to agree a sale.

A lack of new properties for sale coming onto the market and a lot buyers looking to move, means that sales are being agreed quickly. However, the conveyancing process is taking an average of four months to complete. Therefore, for some people the completion process through the traditional selling route is taking too long. If you wish to make your move sooner rather than later then Direct House Buyer can help you to sell your house fast.

So How Long Will it Take to Sell my House?

At Direct House Buyer we can provide you with a preliminary offer based on comprehensive research of your properties localised market within a 5 minute conversation. This will be further confirmed if you are happy with the price that we can offer. We can either buy your house via or own cash fund for a particularly fast sale i.e. you receive the cash within 7 days! or if you have more time to spare we can achieve an offer that’s closer to the market value through our Assisted Sale option, which has a quick exchange but will take up to 3 months to fully complete. Even though this option takes more time to complete you receive a upfront portion and the remaining pre-agreed amount will be paid within the completion time frame.

if we aren’t able to buy your house via our most popular methods other options are also available. Effectively you can have a secured buyer within one day of contacting Direct House Buyer regardless of your properties condition and location. Once we agree to buy your house we will present you with the different options available and depending on which offer you choose we will be able to give you a indication of the timescale. It can be as quick as one week or longer, depending on what time frame and price that you require.


You can Sell your Home Quickly with an Internet House Buyer

Alongside estate agents and sell your property yourself websites like Purple Bricks, Internet house buyers have also become a very popular method for selling your house fast. However, like all things on the internet it’s important that you shop around for the best online quote and make sure that the type of sale that you require suits current circumstances with regards to what price you need to achieve and within what time frame. If you are interested in a cash sale then most internet house buyers will offer roughly 75% of the market value for your property. The straight cash sale is a very appealing option for those who need to sell their home quick because the transaction will usually complete within a couple of weeks. So, for example if you are moving abroad for a job, leaving the country to be with family, or your home is facing repossession then selling your house quick at a discount could be a great option. However, if you want to sell your house but have the luxury of more time and can wait a little longer for completion then there are more feasible options that will allow you to achieve an offer of up to 95% market value of your home, other options which are more likely to secure you a sale than traditional routes are available up to 100% market value. Options about achieving an offer close to the market value are on our homepage.

Why is this Route Quicker than Estate Agents

Different to estate agents by selling directly to us you choose the time frame. The large majority of our enquiries come from sellers who have already had their property on the open market with their local estate agent for a number of months. For some they need a quick sale due to personal circumstances. For others, an ideal property to move into has come up and you are stuck in a chain or simply being frustrated with waiting and not knowing when you are going to able to sell your house. These are all reasons why selling through an estate agent may be an exhausted option.

What if I Wanted to Sell Through an Auction?

Selling your house through an auction is an effective way to sell your home within a short time period. For many individuals who are not aware of internet house buyers, an auction can feel like the only alternative from traditional property selling methods. Unfortunately, an auction can be a tremendously risky way to sell your house. You can never be certain how much your property will sell for at auction and the property market is extremely volatile. Secondly, a lot of the houses that are up for sale at auction are repossessed properties and the auction is the final attempt for a bank to recover some of their losses. This means that the bank is willing to take a lower selling price, which will create greater competition and lower the value and demand of your property.

Property auctions typically require a buyer to initially place a 10% cash deposit on the day of the auction and to then fully complete with the purchase within 30 days. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible for a buyer to attain mortgage within the 30 day time period so a cash buyer is often required. This type of buyer is rare and with the ability to buy property with cash it’s typical for them to command a discount to the market value of at least 30%. If you were considering the auction route we encourage you to speak to us first as we often offer a far more favourable price then what you would achieve when selling at auction.

How to Sell your House Fast for Cash

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For any homeowner being able to sell to a cash buyer is always a preferred scenario. Not only does it help speed up the process a cash buyer also allows the seller to be rest assured that the funds are ready and waiting. Whether you are lucky enough to find a cash buyer on the open market or are choosing a internet house buyer both circumstances will still need a surveyor to inspect the property and establish the true market value.

The Process of Selling to Us

  1. Fill out the enquiry form or pick up the phone to receive your no-obligation quote
  2. Speak to an advisor, takes 5 – 10 mins and we will discuss your requirements and your property.
  3. Receive our preliminary offer including price and timescales
  4. Take it away, think about it and if you wish to accept let us know.
  5. At no commitment to yourself we will instruct 2 local estate agents and a RICS Surveyor to help establish the true market value and structural integrity of your home.
  6. Solicitors will be Instructed for the exchange and completion.

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