Direct House Buyer has been established to provide a much needed service for the housing market. Estate agents are a perfectly viable option for those who are fortunate enough to live in highly populated areas where there is little supply of houses and high demand. For those who find that the estate agent route isn’t working for them then there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for prospective buyers to walk through your door.

How can you Help me to Sell my House Fast?

Direct House Buyer has a number of different available options that we can offer and these can all be tailored to your specific needs as discussed on our homepage. Our experienced advisers will be able to present a range of some of the best offers in the UK that will vary according to price and timescale. We have a popular direct cash fund and a trusted network of private investors. We understand that our customers will shop around for quotes so It’s in our best interest to provide you with the best offer possible.

We can Tailor an Offer to Suit your Specific Needs

Our knowledgeable team have years of experience between them and are accustomed to dealing with a variety of challenges on a daily basis. Many of the property’s we buy started out as a problem for the seller only to be rectified once taken into our hands. Whether the property needs money spent on a short lease or repairs to bring the property up to a surveyors approval we will endeavour to find a solution.

As a company who can buy any house in the UK we appreciate the responsibility that we have when addressing different circumstances across the country. If a property is about to be repossessed we can act quickly to stop the repossession resulting in you being left in a better financial situation than being forced down the repossession route. If you’re a Landlord who needs to sell but don’t want to wait until the current tenants have moved out then we will endeavour to accommodate this situation and buy your property with the tenants still in place.

There are number of situations that we find ourselves in which often mean we need a quick sale and we appreciate that the individual circumstances of each seller needs to be handled in the best way, your reason to sell may include emigrating, ill health, or you may have inherited a house which needs a quick sale. These reasons and many others are understandably important to address and the ability to complete at a timescale that suits your requirements can provide the ideal solution.

We Pride Ourselves in No fees or Hidden Costs

We understand that our customers will shop around for quotes so It’s in our best interest to provide you with the best offer possible. In addition to this we pride ourselves in having a no fee policy, even if you decline our offer at the final stages you will still not be required to pay any costs. The amount we say you will receive is the final amount. Unlike some competitors who charge upfront for valuations both online and physical inspections, we have not made this part of our business model. We only make money once a sale has completed and in turn you will only ever receive money as we cover all costs.

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