Tips For When You Buy A New House

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Contrary to popular belief, buying a new home does not mean that your property will remain problem free for the first ten years.  New homes, just like new cars, need to be run in. They have to be given a chance to dry out in order to avoid common problems such as condensation and shrinkage, it’s essential that you help your house settle in by following these guidelines:

Follow these tips to keep your home looking new

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  • Keep the kitchen door shut when cooking keep pans covered, don’t let the kettle over boil and use the extractor fan, if you have one. Try to dry your washing outdoors as often as possible, or use a tumble dryer but make sure it has a flexible duct that deposits moist air outside.
  • When bathing, keep the door dosed to stop steam escaping and use the extractor fan, if you have one.
  • Open windows often arid keep trickle ventilators in window frames open
  • Keep the doors of built-in wardrobes slightly open to help air circulate.
  • Wipe away any condensation when it appears to ensure window frames don’t rot. Try to keep your home at a constant temperature to limit cracking. Use central heating sparingly and on a low setting at first.
  • Your builder will probably have left external walls with a light paint cover that helps the walls to dry out  wait about nine months to a year before repainting.
  • If small cracks appear in the walls, leave them until the drying out process is complete, then seal them.
  • Keep an eye on the loft for signs of condensation and do not cover ventilation holes in the roof.