The Top 3 Buying Reasons That Will Help You To Sell Your House

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What will stop you from selling your home fast

There are just a few positive reasons that people look for when they try to buy a new house. At the same time there are a million different things that can prevent you from selling your home. We can choose the right place and decorate it beautifully, but were still at the mercy of neighbours, schools and even mobile phone masts. A new road, or the arrival of a mobile phone mast, could knock thousands off your home’s value. Conversely, if the local school tops the exam league, it’s time to crack open the champagne. Here’s what to look out for to make a mint and what to avoid at all costs.

The good points that buyers look for

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Areas with good schools

The quality of education in an area has long been a key criterion when picking a place to live, but with increasing competition to get into good schools this has become a critical factor in pushing up house prices. If you live within the catchment area of a good state school, your property can be worth up to 20 per cent more than an identical one outside the catchment area. A survey by information company Experian found that the average home near a top state school costs almost £30,000 more than a property close to a poorly performing school. Some parents are prepared to go to enormous lengths to get their children into a particular school. In some areas it is not unknown for parents to rent bedsits to ensure their children get places. A recent survey has shown that 69 per cent of parents would pay a premium of at least £10,000 to be near a good state school.

Good Transport links 

This is the other crucial factor for buyers and will generally put 10-15 per cent on the price of a property. In cities, bus, underground and rail links are hugely important, while houses near fast commuter lines to major cities like Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham also command a premium if your property is within 15-20 minutes of a mainline station that is within an hour of London, it will add at least 10 per cent to its value. Outside that band property prices drop dramatically.

Homes with Celebrity neighbours!

Living in a location that’s home to well known faces is almost guaranteed to add pounds to your property. Areas such as Notting Hill in London have always benefited from the fact they can boast many more celebrities per square mile than most.  Equally, the area around Wilmslow in Cheshire is full of football stars and entertainers, boosting both its appeal and property prices. Brighton, the former stomping ground of royalty, is fast becoming super chic again thanks to the likes of Norman Cook and Zoe Ball, Nick Berry, Emma Bunton and Ken Livingstone.

On the other hand, some celebrities would be considered a nuisance. Living next door to Madonna, with the ever-present paparazzi and reporters, could grate on the nerves.

Other Points to Consider

  • There are  many options available to help sell your home there will also be no problem in selling your house fast if it’s in a lane, as opposed to a drive, close or plain old street. Research by the Woolwich shows that the average price for houses with lane in the address is £120,000 – almost 25 per cent more than the national average. The UK government provides some very helpful advice on ways to sell your home as can be seen here.
  • Wherever company directors move, boom times follow according to Experian, which uses this data to predict the next hot spots. Brixton and Peckham in south London, East Ham in east London,  Liverpool and Bangor in Gwynedd are some new hot property areas.
  • If you have the space there’s always the cemetery option. One couple in North Wales reckon they’ve increased their home’s value from £95,000 to £1m in a single stroke by winning planning permission to convert their three-acre garden into 600 burial plots.