How to Sell Your House Fast Before Contacting Us

Hand shake agreeing a house sale

When it comes to selling a house, there are many different things a seller needs to consider. Starting from what estate agent to use? What selling fee should I agree? Should I go for an exclusive relationship with my estate agent or use multiple agents? Etc. Once you’ve got that out the way you’ll probably start forming a whole tick list of home improvements that you should have done over previous years but now it’s more worthwhile when it comes to receiving the highest cash offer for your home. At Direct House Buyer we calculate our offers based upon the current market value of your home so if you have made some of the below improvements then that can be beneficial, if not then don’t worry we can buy any property regardless of it’s condition, size or location. Below are some improvements you can make to help sell your house fast before contacting us:

Make Sure you Establish the Correct Asking Price

The asking price is often a very decisive factor as to how quickly you will sell your house. You need to choose the correct price and avoid overpricing your property. If you overprice your house you will hardly sell it fast and most likely you will have it on the market for a very long time. In order to price your house correctly, think about of all of its positive and negative sides and consider factors such as the comparatives price for similar properties sold in the area. Also, take a look at zoopla to see their opinion which will be based on recent sale prices and the average percentage increase of your location calculated against the original price that you paid for the property. The specifics of how zoopla estimate house prces can be seen at the bottom of this article.

As mentioned in previous articles the price that you choose to advertise your property at is actually what establishes it’s market value. Of course this is further backed up with the view from an independent surveyor but essentially the price that you start at establishes the highest amount your property can be sold at. If a surveyor thinks differently then he can deter your buyer from purchasing at your asking price and also inform the lender that the price is too high. However, one thing that you can’t change is to increase your asking price if you have a change of heart and wish to list at a higher price. RICS surveyors have access to Rightmove plus and can see all historical listing for your property a video about how Rightmove Plus works can be seen here.

Take Great Photos of Your Home

The most important part of achieving a sale is to get the buyers through your door. However, you won’t be able to do this if you don’t create a good first impression with some great quality pictures. It’s also advised to de-clutter your home and create a minimalist canvas so that your buyer can envision their belongings in the property not yours.

Do all the Necessary Repairs

It’s important to do all the necessary repairs that have probably been on your to do list for many years. Fixing some small things both inside and outside of your house can prevent your buyer being frustrated at each turn that they make when viewing your house. Buying a house is a big investment and quite often buyers rely on having that feeling that they can’t describe, so a few little repairs that are needed here and there can turn off that feeling for some people. Others who love a bit of DIY really won’t mind but you can’t always pick and choose who will buy your home so it’s best not to take the risk if it can be avoided. Inspect your home for possible problems and fix those things that need fixing.

If you’ve got the Money Try Staging Your Home

Believe it or not but many sellers who are at the high end of the property market actually hire a professional to critique their current fixtures and judge how appealing they are to a new buyers eye. By hiring someone to help you with staging your home they will rearrange your current furniture by putting any unsightly items into storage and replacing them with high end hired furnishings which you will in turn have to pretend is yours.

Does a Good Estate Agent Really Help?

A good estate agent can of course help you to make the decision on what’s the best approach when it comes to selling your house, but essentially the most important factor is price. Unfortunately, when it comes to agreeing a sale price it can be a tug of war between yourself and the estate agent as they are often more interested in a quick and easy sale rather than making you a few extra pounds. One thing we always say here at Direct House Buyer is speak to us first before reducing the price. The higher the market value the better the offer we can make.