Why Sell Your House to Direct House Buyer

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The advantages to being able to sell your house with us are numerous. We are able to offer tailored solutions when you need cash for a house, for whatever reason and whatever the state of your property. When you use our company as house buyers there are no fees to payout and providing both parties are happy you will have peace of mind of a guaranteed sale.

If you own property and want to sell your house privately, with as little stress and anxiety as possible, then using a quick sale company like us could be your answer.

We act as house buyers and make it easy to obtain a quote just fill in the easy online form. You could find out how much cash for house you might receive in as little as a few hours.

Key Advantages to Selling Your Home With Us

Here are some of the key advantages to selling your home with us for cash.

As professional house buyers, we understand that selling a house is not easy, especially when you want to sell your house fast, indeed, it is typically very stressful, and we aim to provide you with the easiest most stress free solution when selling.

We will explain the whole process of selling your home to us to you and answer all your questions so that you can be sure that this is what you want to do and you are 100% happy to go ahead and get cash for house with us.

We will not push you into selling your house to us. In fact, we may suggest alternative measures for you to consider if we think there are more suitable options open to you.

We offer you flexible options based on your specific circumstances. When we act as cash buyer for your home, there are absolutely no solicitors or estate agents fees to payout from the sale proceeds this is very much different to the traditional costs of selling your house. What we offer you as house buyers is yours to keep if you are mortgage free or you are able to use it to pay off your mortgage and with any luck enjoy a little of the cash that may be left over.

We always strive to offer you a fair price for your home based on your circumstances. Of course, as there are no fees to payout this may not work out a bad deal considering the fact that you are able to sell a house fast with guaranteed cash for house sale.

We make it incredibly easy to get a quote as to how much your home may be worth when you wish to sell your house fast, simply answer a few questions and we will get back to you.

How Quickly Can I Sell My House?

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You need to sell quickly, so we will promise to react quickly to your request for help in selling your house. Whether you contact us via this website or by telephone, we will establish personal contact with you within 24 hours at most. Indeed if speed really is of the essence – then we can make you an offer for your property and have all of the paperwork ready within 24 hours as well. No waiting for days for a reply from an estate agent or for surveyors to make an appointment – we will be able to give you a preliminary offer over the phone! Now how’s that for service to you?

If you decide to accept our offer for your property and the legal paperwork has been drawn, up we can arrange for an immediate transfer of the funds into your account. We are able to do this by having our own financial associates, allowing us to pay you directly.

Unlike some other companies involved in the fast house sales market – we won’t rush you into anything. You can decide how fast the pace of your house sale proceeds at; after all you’re the one that needs to sell it, not us. We can move very quickly but if you need some time to think something over – that’s fine by us. We want to buy your house, but we are also here to serve you – not to add to your stress or tell you what to do.

We also appreciate that the needs of each individual circumstances differ. Therefore, when acting as your home buyers we offer a house sale that is tailored to meet your personal circumstances. You may even be able to sell your house to us, often in just a week depending on your needs. We are an ethical company that only acts in your best interests and we may be able to suggest an alternative if we think there is a better solution for you. If you would like to know more about getting cash for houses, contact us and talk to one of specialist team.